The Panoramas on this page are photographed on PS3 Home locations Winter Wonder Land (2009-12-22) The Winter Wonder Land was available on PS3 Home Dezember 2009 - January 2010. The Tour contains three panos with many flash animated hotspots showing details. The fireplace hotspot at the Santa panorama contains a panorama of five images. (Tour: 3 panos) © 2010 by Georg H. Käfer Red Bull Airrace (2010-01-04) The Red Bull Airrace is available on PS3 Home since more than one year. The Tour contains two panos with three flash animated hotspots showing details. My personal best time is 49.18 seconds, around place 40-50. (my PS3 home name: gkaefer) (Tour: 2 panos) next page... tip: javascript and flash 9+ needed for the panorama